A Fragment of Rodrigo-Ink on Paper
Anton Webern-Charcoal_22x30 in
Assemble Porte-Charcoal_30x22 in
Baroque 1-Charcoal_22x30 in
Baroque 2-Charcoal_22x30 in
Baroque 3-Charcoal_22x30 in
Cascade S- Madrigal- Oil Pastel_22x30 in
Cascade S-Canticle-Oil Pastel (BFK)_ 22x30 in_2008
Cascade S-Lullaby-Oil Pastel (BFK)_ 22x30 in_2008
Cascade S-Tarantella- Oil Pastel (BFK)_ 22x30 in_2008
Claude Debussy-Ink on Paper
Corrections-Charcoal_30x22 in
Deems Taylor-Charcoal_22x30 in
Diego Ortiz-Charcoal_22x30 in
Francis Paulene-Ink on Paper
Frederick Delius-Charcoal_22x30 in
Giacomo Puccini-Oil Pastel_30x22 in
Guiseppe Verdi-Oil Pastel_30x22 in
Hector Berlioz-Charcoal_22x30 in
Heitor Villa-Lobos-Charcoal_22x30 in
Jean Sibelius-Charcoal_22x30 in
Joaquin Rodrigo-Charcoal_22x30 in
Johann Sebastian Bach-Charcoal_22x30 in
Johannes Brahms-Oil Pastel_22x30 in
John Adams-Charcoal_22x30 in
Kitri-Oil Pastel_22x30 in
Ludwig Van Beethoven-Pastoral-Charcoal_22x30 in
Ludwig Van Beethoven-Piano Concerto1-Charcoal_22x30 in
Minotaur-Charcoal_22x30 in
Modest Mussorgsky-Charcoal_22x30 in
Mystery Composer-Charcoal_22x30 in
Nocturne-Oil Pastel
Noel Coward-Charcoal_22x30 in
Pastora1-Charcoal_22x30 in
Philip Glass-Charcoal_22x30 in
Pyotr Tchaikovsky-Charcoal_22x30 in
Ralph Vaughan Williams-Charcoal_22x30 in
Rite of SpringOil Pastel_22x30 in
Saint Saens-Charcoal_22x30 in
Saint Saens2-Charcoal_22x30 in
Samuel Barber-Charcoal_22x30 in
Scarlatti-Charcoal_22x30 in
Steve Reich-Charcoal_22x30 in
Terry Riley 2-Charcoal_22x30 in
Terry Riley-Charcoal_22x30 in
VillaLobos- Charcoal on Paper (BFK)_22x30_2006